Blog Update!!!

Hey guys! Thank you for following my Artblog ^^ you may have recognized, that there are no more updates -.- sry for that!
But there is still hope ;) please visit me on my new blog:

At the moment I work on my first comic project and all informations will be released on the shapeless-blog. Thank you for staying with me all the time and i hope i see you soon ;D

Body in motion

So sadly the hart work for game art shows some negative effects… my arm hurts as hell. So i can work again i bought a cintiq companion hybrit and i love it! So here are a few body in motions sketches i did to get into wokr again ^^


Insomnia: Silence griffin -Final concept

Insomnia: Silence griffin -Final concept

This is the fourth and final one of the creature concepts i did for my first semester game project at games Academy called Insomnia. This creature represent the feeling that you aren’t able to move or to spreak. In this situation the person is cought in is mind.