Insomnia: Silence griffin -Final concept

Insomnia: Silence griffin -Final concept

This is the fourth and final one of the creature concepts i did for my first semester game project at games Academy called Insomnia. This creature represent the feeling that you aren’t able to move or to spreak. In this situation the person is cought in is mind.

Insomnia: Mobbing – final concept

Insomnia: Mobbing - final concept

This is third of the four creature concepts i did for my game project called Insomnia. This creature represent mobbing and will always show up in a group.

The mask

The mask

As a “thank you” for the blogger award, here a final work.
I painted this with acrylic paint on a wooden plate. At first i painted the woman and the picture was really boring, then i came up with the skull-mask and the picture became a little bit more interesting. What i don´t like about this picture is that the anatomy of the woman is not exactly correct. You really see that i am better in drawing animals than humans ;D ha much text this time…thank you very much and have a nice day!